Foi Thong Exclusive Brick Weed (50gr)



  • Compressed quality buds
  • Using the bitz 420 unique heat compression technology
  • Learn more about our heat compression here
  • No chemicals or glue used (100% organic)
  • No seeds
  • Made from Jack Herer
  • 20% THC 
  • Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Greenhouse-grown in the UK
  • Uplifting effect
  • Good for combating stress, pain and mood
  • Select the size of your bar below
  • £ 2 PER GRAM  


The Foi Thong cannabis strain, with its unique blend of sweetcreamy, and floral flavors, offers a range of potential medical benefits for patients seeking relief from various symptoms. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, Foi Thong is particularly well-suited for addressing issues like depressionanxiety, and chronic stress, thanks to its uplifting and mood-enhancing effects. This strain may also help stimulate focus and creativity, making it a useful choice for those experiencing attention deficit disorders (ADHD) or mental fatigue.

Additionally, Foi Thong‘s moderate to high THC levels can provide effective pain relief for patients suffering from conditions like migrainesarthritis, and muscle spasms. Its energizing effects may also be beneficial for combating fatigue, allowing patients to feel more active and engaged during the day. Lastly, Foi Thong‘s appetite-stimulating properties could help those struggling with a lack of appetite due to medical treatments or illnesses.

Additional information

Weight N/A
THC Level 25%
Mood Energizing, Varies


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