How To Buy Cryptocurrency

How To Buy Cryptocurrency

Buying cryptocurrency is rather simple and there are more apps than ever for it.

We recommend coibase as there platform is very user friendly. There is a video below on how to buy bitcoin on Coinbase.

Steps To Buy Cryptocurrency

We made a video of how to send bitcoin using coinbase (video is below) It’s very simple once you have done it once.
Sign up to coinbase they will take a few minutes to verify you.
Then add your card to the account.
Select bitcoin then trade then buy always buy a couple of pound extra than your order is to allow for fees.
Then select the bitcoin wallet which should now have funds in and the top right corner there is an arrow that is the send button press that.
Next at the end of checkout on my site it will generate a bitcoin address, copy and paste this into coinbase and press send and that is the transaction complete.

Reach out if you need more help